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Mediation is usually the best way to manage divorce, especially cases involving children.  For instance, in mediation, you maintain control over the process, rather than the lawyers, who may escalate the matter to increase their fees, or simply because they are naturally contentious.  Additionally, you and your spouse jointly decide all issues, instead of having a judge decide the personal aspects of your life.  For example: who gets to see the children, including when and where?... Who gets to live in, or keep the house?... as well as all your other personal divorce issues.

Mediation is also completely confidential.  The intimate details of your life do not get aired in court, and thus don't become a matter of public record for later viewing by, for example, employers, family members, neighbors, or anyone else who may want to pry.

Mediation also saves the immense stress and heartache associated with litigation.  Additionally, it takes much less time to complete your case.

Perhaps most importantly, mediation saves thousands of $$$$ in legal fees!!

At the conclusion of mediation, we can draft your settlement agreement, all required court forms, and file all paperwork with the court so you never have to see the inside of a courtroom.

Our office has helped many couples successfully resolve difficult cases by clearly explaining each party's rights and helping find solutions that both parties find agreeable.  This allows each spouse (and their family) to move past the divorce as quickly as possible, free from the fallout usually associated with a nasty or prolonged legal battle that not only leaves the parties (including the children) emotionally bruised and scarred, but their bank accounts drained. 

Divorce mediation is appropriate for  all couples, from those that are having difficulty communicating, to those that are on speaking terms.  Instead of each spouse hiring their own lawyer and racking up higher fees, they both jointly hire the mediator.  The mediator can then help process their divorce from start to finish.  This includes informing both spouses, in a neutral manner, about the application of the law to the facts in their case.  Once both spouses understand their rights, they can establish a fair resolution, and document it in the proper paperwork for the court.

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