About Michael

From a young age, I had an interest in law and justice.  However, instead of studying typical pre-law curricula in college, I sought a degree in business; obtaining my bachelor's degree from USC in 1993.  I then worked in various fields of business and finance, including real estate brokerage, insurance, and mortgage banking.  I obtained my California Insurance Brokers license, and a California Real Estate Sales license. 

While pursuing certain business goals, my interest in the law never diminished.  Eventually, I gave up a business career in my mid-thirties to obtain a law degree.

During law school, I received multiple awards and honors, including top 5% of my class, a merit scholarship, and Law Review grade-on candidate.  I also received special training in trial work, earning certificates in litigation, public interest law, and mediation.  I graduated from Golden Gate University, School of Law in San Francisco in 2001.

My law practice began in commercial litigation, where I had certain aptitudes and strengths due to my business background. However, given my preference to help individuals, rather than corporations, I became attracted to family law.

Although I have litigated numerous family law cases, my practice now focuses primarily on divorce mediation, as I believe that is the most civil and cost effective way for parties to obtain a judgment of dissolution.  I also provide limited scope consultation services for uncontested divorces, and draft premarital, post-marital, and cohabitation agreements.

During my legal career, I've been fortunate to help hundreds of couples, even the highly acrimonious, resolve their case without ever having to step inside a courtroom.  I believe my background helps clients efficiently resolve disputes, as it provides unique insight when handling certain issues, such as establishing accurate income for spousal and/or child support purposes, valuing and dividing a family business, tracing community and separate property funds to establish reimbursements, allocating debts, among others. 

Apart from understanding the financial aspects of a case, my strongest trait, in terms of helping parties find common ground, is simply the fact that I truly care about their welfare.  I've never lost sight of the difficulty that people go through during divorce.  My clients are not just a file.  They are real people who need help with one of, if not the most difficult episode of their life. 

I approach each case with dedication and commitment to accomplishing my clients' goals; and to do so in the most efficient manner possible.